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You got here on your own (or you clicked a link and we gave you a lil’ help, teammates always look out for each other).

NOW that you’re here, we implore you to browse our sick AND elegant catalogue of Sunglasses. All our shades offer 100% U/V protection. Stylish, Bold, Funky, Sleek, Classy, we offer *fingers crossed* something for everyone.

We understand that you may be visiting because our Pineapple has got you hyped. And… THAT’S AWESOME! You are in good company as we all have top-shelf love for the Pineapple. We make available to everyone a vast selection of headwear for all seasons as well as apparel for hot summer nights and cold winter days.

Look good – Feel good.

Featured Sunglasses
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Smith shades are a Wayfair style (California Classic)



Betty sunglasses have a vintage feel and flare to the frames.

Max H


Max H shades have all black frames and are very durable with your choice of lens colour.

Out Of Stock

Heavy Hipster


Heavy Hipster shades have gold eyelet caps with a gold bar

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